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ICF International delivers comprehensive aircraft management support to clients in all areas of the aviation industry who need to maintain, manage, repossess, or remarket aircraft assets and maximize returns.



In just the past decade, ICF International has managed more than $1 billion in aviation assets and sold more than 90 aircraft for corporations, governments, airlines, VIPs, and heads of state. As the largest aircraft management advisor to the financial community, ICF provides guidance to banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, high-net-worth individuals, receivers, and other investors.

ICF delivers comprehensive aircraft management services, including:

  • Assistance with negotiating purchase or lease contracts, completing aircraft specifications, and managing buyer-furnished equipment (BFE)
  • Coordination and oversight of aircraft programs
  • Management of delivery and return of leased aircraft
  • Remarketing the range of assets, from general aviation aircraft to commercial and VVIP wide-body jets
  • Repossession logistics, including asset valuation, preparation of deficiency claims, foreclosure processing, aircraft storage, and records management

Aircraft and their parts are highly regulated, expensive assets that require detailed understanding and specialized experience to meet the challenges of domestic and international regulation, certification, and registration. ICF's multidisciplinary teams of experts bring the benefit of experience in all aspects of the aviation industry. Through our many aircraft management engagements for clients worldwide, we've also developed a keen understanding of the importance of confidentiality, discretion, cultural nuances, and security.

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For more information about ICF's capabilities and service offering in aircraft asset management, contact David Louzado or Jim Burk.


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Click here for a one-page summary of ICF's aviation asset management capabilities, which include:

  • Remarketing and sourcing of aircraft and engine assets—Advice covering the complete spectrum, from single engine general aviation aircraft to business jets to widebody aircraft
  • Lease management—Assistance with lease contract negotiation, lease monitoring, risk analysis, annual inspections, maintenance cost forecasting, asset redelivery, and remarketing
  • Lease or sale contract negotiation support—Extensive support on lease or sale contract negotiations, working closely with legal counsel to ensure best-practice terms and conditions
  • Aircraft reconfiguration and system modification management—Help with design, sourcing, and management of aircraft interiors and with systems modifications to support changes in operation or role, lease transitions, and so on
  • Specification development and buyer-furnished equipment management—Assistance for clients purchasing new aircraft to develop detailed specifications and to source and manage all buyer-furnished equipment, with specialized expertise on interiors and interior system
  • Technical inspections—Performance of full prepurchase, annual lease, asset appraisal, regulatory compliance, and lease delivery inspections
  • Airlines and aircraft operators—Leverage ICF SH&E’s product and technical expertise for a variety of its aircraft and engine-related support, including aircraft remarketing and sourcing, new aircraft specification, buyer-furnished equipment management, and interior reconfiguration management
  • Lenders and creditors—Rely on ICF SH&E’s assistance during end-of-lease transitions, lease extension negotiations, and early returns or bankruptcy-related support for assets
  • Asset owners—Leverage ICF SH&E’s expertise for asset transition, remarketing and sourcing, aircraft system modification management, and interior reconfiguration and product management
  • Project

    Aircraft Asset Management and Remarketing

    ICF completed the full return management of a major U.S. financial institution's aircraft off lease, including negotiating return compensation, completion of records, and physical audits of assets.

  • Project

    New Aircraft Specification and Interior Product Management

    ICF completed turnkey program management and all interior buyer furnished equipment (BFE) for a major legacy U.S. airline's large Airbus A320-200 and Boeing 737-800 fleet orders.

  • Project

    Interior Reconfiguration Management

    ICF was retained to complete the program management and oversight of a USD75+mm major interior refit of a head of state wide-body aircraft.

  • Project

    Program Management

    ICF completed the program management of a research and development program to convert a regional aircraft into a first-of-its-kind aerial fire tanker.

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