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ICF International helps airport clients strategically navigate today's operational challenges, comply with environmental requirements related to climate change, and position themselves in a competitive  landscape.



With our unmatched insight into carriers' business strategies, ICF International is uniquely qualified to help airport executives strategically view the future, optimize business opportunities, and realize value. We support airports and airport systems worldwide with a comprehensive range of business advisory services, including:

  • Detailed market analysis and demand forecasting for passenger and cargo services
  • Economic, pricing, and competitive analysis for new routes and revenue optimization
  • Strategy, business planning, and management organization
  • Comprehensive privatization and transaction advisory services, both pre- and post-acquisition
  • Commercial planning, concession structuring, and non-aeronautical revenue optimization
  • Green business, carbon adaptation strategy, and environmental legislation guidance

ICF has worked with major airports in nearly 40 countries throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and emerging regions. We advise across the industry, from midsize and small airports to regional airport systems and the government and regulatory agencies that oversee them.
ICF's multidisciplinary teams include in-house specialists from all facets of the aviation industry, including the commercial divisions of airports, airlines, infrastructure funds, and areas such as network planning with major U.S. and international airlines. Our airport clients also benefit from ICF's work with government, civil aviation authorities, and members of the financial community.

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Featured Resources

  • Air service development and marketing—ICF International assists airports in developing strategies to attract new carriers and win new markets. Services include examining viable destinations, forecasting service, developing target airlines, and developing targeted marketing to these carriers.
  • Demand forecasting and management—ICF International helps plan for and manage air travel demand, ensuring efficient operations and optimal performance at any airport. Capabilities include forecasting business, leisure, and holiday travel, and examining patterns of long-term growth and seasonality.
  • Commercial and financial planning—ICF International's commercial and financial planning experts assist airports to design tailored concessions programs that reflect their unique attributes and improve their image, offerings, and revenue in the areas of food and beverage, retail, advertising and sponsorship, rental cars, and parking. Services include performance analysis, customer and traffic analysis, concept development, product adjacencies, and revenue projections.
  • Operational and resource planning—ICF International's operational and resource planning services focus on helping airports with issues ranging from staff and human resources to operational efficiencies and process improvements. Capabilities include demand forecasting, calculating required resources, integrated planning, resource scheduling, and process improvement and optimization.
  • Airport system and economic impact analysis—ICF International assists governments and regional planning authorities in understanding and anticipating airport usage change and its effects on the economy for both commercial and general aviation airports. We provide detailed usage analysis and forecasts to plan for the future, and we provide detailed studies of on- and off-airport economic impact affecting local and regional communities.
  • Safety and security—ICF International helps airports to ensure their operational procedures and resources are as effective as possible. Using a proven safety assessment methodology, we assist airports in identifying potential security weaknesses and provide specific recommendations to improve overall airport security for the long term.
  • Privatization—ICF International advises governments, financial institutions, airport management, and private airport operators regarding critical issues in the transformation of airports from the public to the private sectors. The firm has particular expertise in forecasting, financial feasibility, structuring and coordinating the privatization process, and economic regulation.
  • Cargo marketing and operations—ICF International asists airports worldwide to address cargo planning, marketing, and management issues. Our capabilities include market assessments, traffic forecasting, facility demand, revenue contribution to passenger service development, and business, system, and facilities planning.
  • Environment and climate change—ICF International advises airports to achieve best practices in climate change and environmental planning. We are experts in the field of regulations on noise, water, waste, land use, and other emissions factors and understand fully the impacts these issues have on communities surrounding airports.

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