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ICF SH&E helps business aviation clients understand the marketplace, develop smart business strategies for resource allocation and expansion, and make the most efficient, cost-effective use of their assets.



As the largest aviation consulting firm in the world with a dedicated business aviation practice, ICF SH&E develops customized, objective solutions for every facet of the sector. Our services help:

  • Private equity investors conduct due diligence on business aviation investments
  • Aircraft manufacturers sell and support products in emerging markets
  • Airports attract business aviation traffic and revenue
  • Operators map strategies for asset selection and business growth
  • Fixed base operators (FBOs); training organizations; and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) providers enhance and expand their services
  • Corporations and high net-worth individuals purchase, refurbish, and remarket aircraft

ICF SH&E equips clients with the tools needed to navigate the business aviation landscape and reach sound strategic decisions. These include:

  • Feasibility studies and business plans
  • Market forecasts
  • Customer satisfaction and aftermarket support strategies
  • Strategies for entering emerging markets

Our business aviation teams, expanded by ICF International's acquisition of global aviation leader SH&E, include experienced aviation professionals and former employees of manufacturers, operators, service providers, and financial institutions. They are backed by the many aviation practices of ICF SH&E, including those dedicated to valuation, safety, and decision support.

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In 2007, ICF International acquired SH&E, one of the world's largest consulting firms dedicated to air transport, which helped position ICF as a leader in airline, airport, and aviation industry consulting, enabling ICF to significantly strengthen its transportation service offerings with federal, state, and industry clients.


ICF SH&E delivers comprehensive aircraft management support to clients in all areas of the aviation industry.


Featured Resources

  • Product market studies—ICF SH&E advises piston, turboprop, and jet aircraft and engine manufacturers on the market potential for clean-sheet and derivative aircraft and engines.
  • Corporate strategy—ICF SH&E regularly advises manufacturers, operators, and support providers on merger and acquisition (M&A) and growth initiatives, including emerging market entry strategies in key growth markets for business aviation.
  • Global market forecasting—Our team created the first independent business aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) market forecast, which has become the industry benchmark. The ICF SH&E forecast is a 10-year fleet and MRO forecast by region and aircraft type and is relied on by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and MROs across the world.
  • Due diligence advisory services—ICF SH&E routinely provides commercial due diligence advisory services on the largest M&A transactions in business aviation.
  • Aftermarket strategy development and customer satisfaction studies—ICF SH&E completes customer satisfaction studies and operator focus groups for business aviation OEMs and suppliers to enable suppliers to better understand the current and future service needs and expectations of their aircraft operators, which are used in creating tailored, revenue-generating aftermarket services.
  • Fixed-base operator (FBO) advisory services—ICF SH&E advises airports and FBOs around the world on concession structures, lease negotiations, and growth opportunities.
  • Aircraft procurement and divestment campaigns—ICF SH&E advises corporate clients and charter operators on the acquisition or disposition of single aircraft or fleets of aircraft, from turboprop aircraft to widebody jets, as well as delivery positions for these aircraft.
  • Business aircraft manufacturers—ICF SH&E has advised nearly all of the major business aviation original equipment manufacturers (OEM), including emerging players.
  • Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) and training providers—We have assisted aircraft OEMs, global MROs, and specialist independent service providers in the development of tailored aftermarket products better aligned with the needs and expectations of operators.
  • Fixed-base operators (FBO)—Large global chains and single-location FBOs have sought ICF SH&E's advice on market forecasting, merger and acquisition, and entry strategies for emerging business aviation markets, including China, India, and Brazil.
  • Investors and lenders—Numerous leading private equity investors have engaged us to perform commercial due diligence on business aircraft manufacturers, FBO chains, MRO providers, charter operators, and other providers.
  • Airports—We have advised a range of large and small airports on FBO concessions, lease structuring, and lease negotiations.
  • Business aircraft owners and operators—On behalf of corporations and high-net-worth individuals, ICF SH&E has led aircraft procurement campaigns and negotiated aircraft management, block charter, and outfitting agreements as well as other commercial contracts related to business aircraft.
  • Project

    Corporate Jet Acquisition

    ICF SH&E advised a major Korean corporation on the entire process of acquiring a converted airliner business jet.

  • Project

    Turboprop Market Study

    ICF SH&E conducted a market study on the future requirements of global operators of next generation turboprop aircraft for one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of regional turboprop aircraft.

  • Project

    Business and General Aviation Development in China

    Together with the US-China Aviation Cooperation Program, ICF SH&E advised CAAC on the development of policies and practices to encourage the further development of business and general aviation in China.

  • Project

    Executive Turboprop Study

    ICF SH&E performed a market study for a major Chinese general aviation manufacturer to advise on the market potential for a new five-seat executive turboprop aircraft.

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