Operational Safety Audits

ICF International is the leading expert in aviation safety audits and operational integrity evaluations, auditing, and consulting, and is one of the founding Audit Organizations within the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program.



IATA developed the IOSA program to streamline the ever-increasing proliferation of operational inspections, reviews, and audits required by the airline industry. With the implementation and international acceptance of IOSA, airlines and regulators achieve several benefits: 

  • A reduction in costs and audit resource requirements for airlines and regulators
  • Elimination of audit redundancy through mutual acceptance of audit reports
  • Continuous updating of standards to reflect regulatory revisions and the evolution of best practices within the industry
  • A structured audit methodology, including standardized checklists
  • Accredited audit organizations with formally trained and qualified auditors
  • Development of auditor training courses for the airline industry

ICF International knows the IOSA program—the original IOSA requirements were developed from the legacy Code Share auditing system utilized by several air carriers and alliance networks. Since 1995, ICF has performed operational safety assessments based on Safety Architecture, our independent, proprietary auditing methodology. ICF developed this comprehensive audit methodology based on internationally recognized audit and operational standards, advanced auditor training in forensic auditing, and a structured system for the sharing of audits, in order to help improve operations and reduce the number of audits in the industry.

ICF has assembled a team of experienced aviation safety professionals located around the globe. Each member of our team is a highly skilled aviation safety professional whose expertise, experience, and insight makes the IOSA experience a learning experience. Our aviation safety professionals exceed the stringent IOSA training and qualifications standards. Every IOSA audit team is led by an industry professional with extensive management and leadership credentials, hence ensuring that a thorough, fair, effective, and timely audit is conducted. Additionally, because our team is located around the world, we can minimize travel expenses, reducing the costs of the overall audit while providing auditors fluent in Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog.

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Contact Lou Sorrentino at Louis.Sorrentino@icfi.com to learn how ICF can help with your Operational Safety Audit.


Featured Resources

  • IOSA Preparation Visit (IPV)—ICF International conducts the IPV as an introduction to the IOSA program to assist a new IOSA candidate in understanding the program, the preparation stages, and the process to finally be added to the IOSA Registry. We also support the IOSA candidate in the collection of manuals and documents and the assignment of specific audit tasks. 
  • Pre Audit Review (PAR)—ICF International's PAR provides an understanding of how to read, interpret, and understand IOSA Standards, and how to define criteria for observation that ensures objective evidence of conformity. The PAR is a gap analysis that concentrates on conformity of the airlines manuals and other documentation.
  • Enhanced Pre Audit Review (EPAR)—The EPAR conducted by ICF International is a PAR, but with a larger team of auditors working for a longer period of time to provide the client company with a clear overview of its level of conformity. It includes documentation and a sampling of implementation. 
  • Initial Audit—This ICF International audit provides the operator with its admission to the IOSA Registry.
  • Renewal Audit—This audit conducted by ICF International on a biennial basis retains the operator's membership in the IOSA Registry.
  • IOSA Preparation Assistance—ICF International provides valuable insight and guidance to focus skilled resources to prepare airlines for the IOSA initial and renewal audit experience. From comprehensive gap assessments, to technical manual and content development, to IOSA awareness training for senior executive and functional managers, ICF International is poised to support airlines across the globe in optimizing the investment in IOSA.
  • ISAGO Preparation and Audit—ICF International also performs IATA Safety Audit Ground Operations (ISAGO) preparation assessments, training and manual/content development, or ISAGO Headquarters and Station audits.

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