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ICF International uses network planning scenarios, revenue management tools, cost-benefit analyses, and comprehensive IT and aviation knowledge to equip airlines with the information and insight needed to make sound, forward-thinking decisions.



In today's highly complex and competitive commercial aviation marketplace, ICF International helps airlines accurately assess expansion and contraction strategies, alliance opportunities, fleet acquisitions, and potential mergers. We also assist in determining which aircraft and routes can enhance revenue, maximizing per-seat revenue, and enhancing customer loyalty through frequent flyer programs.

ICF is more than an IT product vendor. As a trusted aviation advisor, ICF delivers data-driven decision support, network, and IT services, including:

  • Revenue management tools, including the official system associated with SITA reservations
  • Modeling applications, including our proprietary NETWORKS simulation tool
  • Comprehensive IT support, including assistance with selecting new technologies to replace old systems and migrating to open-architecture systems

Because ICF's multidisciplinary teams include former senior airline executives, we understand the financial models that drive the decision-making process and understand all aspects of the strategic landscape and operational realities facing today's carriers. Our experience across hundreds of projects touching all facets of aviation makes us leaders in identifying the trends and market drivers that will impact carriers years into the future.

ICF’s work with the range of international and U.S. regulatory agencies means our IT solutions accommodate changes in policy and legislation. Our familiarity with airlines' financial, profitability, and operational challenges enables us to help our clients build their capacity—whether training staff, advising on IT upgrades, or making data-supported decisions.

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Featured Resources


  • “Strategy”—Our revenue management software designed to assist airlines with optimizing revenue management
  • “NetWorks”—Our proprietary airline network planning and schedule analysis software that allows airlines to assess the impacts of schedule change on traffic, revenue, and profitability


  • Revenue management consulting—Includes implementation and use of our “Strategy” revenue management system
  • Network planning consulting—Includes implementation and use of our proprietary “NetWorks” system
  • Strategic planning—Investment assessments and decision-making support for a broad scope of aviation businesses (airlines, service suppliers, manufacturers)
  • Legacy airlines
  • Low cost carriers
  • Flag carriers
  • Regional airlines
  • Alliances
  • Investors
  • Project

    Revenue Management Consulting

    A large domestic Russian airline commissioned ICF International to fully evaluate its revenue management (RM) practices.

  • Project

    SITA/Strategy Basic

    For more than 20 years, ICF has helped a range of airlines maximize their passenger revenues through the use of the SITA revenue management system (SRMS).

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