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ICF International provides objective financial insight and transaction support for clients involved in buying or selling aviation assets or optimizing the financial structure of aviation operations.



ICF International delivers services for every aspect of aviation financing, including:

  • Business plan development and review
  • Assistance with restructuring and renegotiating debt financing and other commitments
  • Assistance with the purchase or lease of aircraft and equipment, including evaluating and renegotiating lease terms and provisions
  • Analysis of historic, current, and projected revenues, profits, and cash flows for aviation operations
  • Appraisal and valuation of aviation-related businesses and the full range of tangible and intangible aviation assets
  • Development of information memoranda for present to prospective investors regarding new aviation ventures 

ICF works with the range of aviation companies, financial institutions, and advisors, including bondholders, legal advisors, boards of directors, and trustees, to:

  • Help private equity firms investing in the aviation sector accurately assess potential business opportunities
  • Deliver informed insights on risk and value to law firms, investment banks, and other advisors involved in aviation mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, and financing arrangements
  • Assist airlines and manufacturers with raising capital and restructuring debt

Our in-depth, firsthand knowledge of the day-to-day operational, commercial, technical, and competitive aspects of the aviation industry have made us us a trustworthy partner in some of the most complex, high-profile projects in the aviation industry. ICF's financial analysts work closely with former aviation executives to help mitigate risk, maximize returns, and make operations more solvent and viable.

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Featured Resources

  • Commercial due diligence—On investment opportunities in aviation-related enterprises, including airlines, manufacturers, lessors, MROs, handlers, FBOs, and other aviation-related companies
  • M&A—Advisory support, including synergy analysis, deal strategy, and portfolio development; our proprietary industry models demonstrate future-state benefits for airline networks and other combinations
  • Valuation—The preeminent expert firm in the valuation of aviation tangible and intangible assets and a wide-range of aviation-related resources and enterprises
  • Restructuring—Plan development and implementation to enhance revenues, lower costs, and/or address balance sheet issues of aviation-related businesses
  • Privatization—Strategies and implementation to maximize sale value, partner solicitation, turnaround and interim management, and transaction advisory
  • Securitization—The firm of choice for transaction support for major aircraft, engine, and spare part securitization financings
  • Private placement—Business plans, market strategies, and investor road show programs for airline private placement offerings
  • Investors—Hedge funds, private equity, and institutional investors rely on ICF SH&E for objective analysis of potential deals
  • Lenders—Traditional and multilateral banks turn to ICF SH&E to assess future cash flows and credit risk in complex aviation deals
  • Governments—Sovereign wealth funds, finance and transportation ministries, and other government entities rely on ICF SH&E to develop privatization and other capital-raising strategies for airlines, airports, and other aviation companies
  • Airlines—CFOs, treasurers and risk management departments turn to ICF SH&E to help raise capital and to develop risk management and carbon management strategies
  • Investment banks—ICF SH&E routinely partners with investment banks to support public and private placements and to support structured finance transactions
  • Project

    Restructuring Advisory

    ICF International was the lead industry and financial consultant in Hawaiian Airlines' successful bankruptcy restructuring.

  • Project

    Airline Financial Modeling

    Following its role as the lead industry and financial consultant in a leading U.S. leisure airline's successful restructuring, ICF went on to assist the carrier with a number of planning and development assignments.

  • Project

    Financial Advisor

    ICF was retained by the unsecured creditor committee of Frontier Airlines as a financial advisor.

  • Project

    Aircraft Leasing Portfolio: Transaction Support

    In support of an aircraft asset-backed securitization (ABS), ICF International was retained by a major aircraft operating lessor to prepare an independent forecast of the maintenance-related cash flows.

  • Project

    Due Diligence: Business Aviation Services Provider

    ICF was retained to perform due diligence for a leading European private equity firm's acquisition of the industry's leading business and private aviation maintenance and services specialist active in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

  • Project

    Airline Investment Review

    ICF reviewed a major Japanese legacy airline's business in the context of the airline industry environment in Japan and internationally.

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