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Aviation Safety + Security

ICF International helps airlines, airports, fixed-base operators, and corporate aircraft operators take a proactive approach to safety and security.



ICF International helps a diverse range of aviation clients meet regulatory requirements, performance objectives, and quality goals related to safety and security. Our commercial aviation specialists work with aviation clients to:

  • Conduct independent safety review to identify and mitigate hazards in areas such as flight operations, ground operations, and aircraft maintenance
  • Reveal latent conditions, gaps in standardization, misassumptions, and over-reliance on regulations in operations that can start the chain of events leading to an accident or incident
  • Close gaps in security plans, recognize the signs of a security threat, and respond appropriately
  • Design constructive communications for all stakeholders—front-line employees to senior managers—in the event of an incident

ICF delivers safety and security solutions to clients in all aspects of aviation. For airlines and corporate aircraft operators, we conduct audits, develop technical manuals, assist with continuity of operations planning (COOP), and facilitate emergency response drills. For insurance companies, we offer guidance in helping their aviation customers operate with greater safety and security.

For airports, we help conduct audits, design enterprise-wide safety management systems, and implement certification drills. For civil airport authorities worldwide, we provide assistance in meeting international standards and European Commission requirements, as well as in maintaining Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) International Aviation Safety Assessment Category 1 status.

ICF's comprehensive aviation safety and security services also include training courses in numerous subjects, including flight safety management, human factors in aircraft maintenance, and COOP. Our teams include accredited auditors for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO). We are also recognized within the FAA Air Transportation Oversight System as a Qualified Certification Consultant.

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Featured Resources

  • Civil aviation authorities advisory—Comprehensive consulting, assessment, and response support services, including ICAO USOAP and FAA IASA (CAT 1) preparation support and training
  • IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)—Complete operational safety, quality, and technical assessments and audits and preparation services
  • Certification—As an FAA ATOS Qualified Certification Consultant, we provide expert guidance and technical assistance to support airline certification needs 
  • Corporate safety advisory—A wide array of services for corporate, industrial aid, charter, and owner-flown operators, including supplemental lift audits and IS-BAO preparation and auditing
  • IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operators (ISAGO)—Complete safety, training, and quality assessments and consultation to ground handlers around the globe; operator preparation for the ISAGO; and assistance in the development of technical programs, manuals, and advanced operating procedures
  • Safety management systems—Expert guidance to airports, airlines, corporate operators, and ground handlers on the development of functional, effective, and scalable safety management systems
  • Operators—Commercial airlines, cargo operators, and BGA operators leverage ICF's operational assessment/diagnostic and audit services in making significant strategic, commercial, and financial decisions
  • Insurance companies and brokers—Utilize ICF's safety, security, and loss control/risk management services to provide world class, targeted support to their clients as well as expert witness services
  • Civil aviation authorities and regulators—Rely on ICF's professional, independent assessments; understanding of global best practices; and restructuring experience
  • Investors—Both business owners and prospective acquirers rely on ICF's operational due diligence services to ensure they are fully informed on the operational health of the operator

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