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ICF International delivers comprehensive valuation services to aviation clients who need to know the current and future value of tangible and intangible assets.



ICF International's aviation valuation services include due diligence, forecasting, and competitive analyses. We provide informed guidance to those investing in aviation operations or assessing collateral value for loans or rated bond offerings backed by aviation assets.

ICF is one of the few firms in the world with multiple appraisers certified by the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT). We have advised leading banks, hedge funds, bond managers, and investment firms; major U.S. and international airlines; and insurance companies, law firms, and tax authorities. 

ICF assists aviation valuation clients with:

  • Assessing the value of tangible assets such as airplanes, engines, parts, and hangars
  • Assessing intangible aviation assets such as slots, restricted entry rights, frequent flyer programs, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations
  • Evaluating part-out companies, charter companies, training academies, duty-free shops, and other aviation-related enterprises

ICF's thorough understanding of all aspects of the aviation industry enables us to assess assets from every angle, drawing from our toolkit of proprietary databases developed from our work across all major U.S. airlines and numerous international carriers. Our valuation clients benefit from our multidisciplinary teams of former airline, airport, maintenance, and other aviation industry executives and our deep relationships with participants in the industry buying and setting assets. Whether engaged for a desktop appraisal or an in-depth, on-site inspection, ICF's experts in aviation valuation competently guide clients through prices and to greater understanding and return on investment. 

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Featured Resources

  • Tangible assets—Current market and future value and lease rate forecasts for aircraft, airframes, engines, spare parts inventories, ground support equipment, simulators, tooling, operating leases, and leasehold improvements
  • Intangible assets—Restricted-entry international routes, slots at access-controlled domestic airports, and other such intangibles
  • Enterprise and equity—Complete “going concern” valuations of airlines, their subsidiaries, and related aviation entities
  • Financial models and forecasts—Independent and objective cash flow forecasts for discrete assets and asset portfolios such as lease-encumbered aircraft and engines
  • Investments due diligence—Complete due diligence services for financial firms and businesses investing in industry-related but noncore companies, intellectual property, and marketable business processes, proprietary practices, and functional capabilities
  • Litigation support—Expert, independent, and objective advice founded on in-depth industry experience of our senior consulting staff
  • Investors—Both business owners and prospective acquirers rely on ICF International's appraisals in pricing transactions
  • Lenders—Including some of the world's largest banks—trust ICF International's asset and investment value appraisals of businesses and tangible and intangible assets pledged as collateral
  • Creditors—In the normal course of business, secured creditors and unsecured creditors' committees in bankruptcy proceedings rely on ICF International's value opinions in structuring settlements
  • Asset owners—Leverage ICF International's value assessments in making significant strategic commercial and financial decisions
  • Accounting departments—Utilize ICF International's valuations for financial and tax reporting
  • Project

    Comprehensive Airline Asset Appraisals

    ICF performed valuations for a major U.S. legacy airline's aviation assets in support of fresh start accounting requirements after emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

  • Project

    Aircraft Leasing Portfolio: Value and Due Diligence

    ICF provided a major institutional investor with comprehensive appraisal and commercial due diligence services in support of a contemplated investment in a portfolio of several hundred aircraft worth several billion dollars.

  • Project

    Airline Intangible Asset Valuations

    A major lender to a U.S. airline has retained ICF on an ongoing basis for more than five years to perform valuations of the airline's U.S. domestic air carrier slots at high-density rule (HDR) airports and its international route authorities.

  • Project

    Aircraft, Engine, and Spare Part Valuations

    For nearly 10 years, a leading engine lessor and part-out specialist has retained ICF as its exclusive appraiser in support of its syndicated credit facility secured by its aircraft, spare engines, and spare parts.

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