Executive Order 13653—Prepare Now for Climate Change!

Learn how ICF helps U.S. federal agencies—and their partners—implement the new EO and prepare for climate change impacts.

Executive Order 13653 on Climate Preparedness


ICF International helps public- and private-sector clients worldwide develop climate change policy, interpret and comply with regulations, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, evaluate risks, and identify opportunities.



Our climate specialists assist international, federal, regional, state, and local agencies with the development of climate change policy, including:

  • Modeling potential climate change impacts and GHG emissions
  • Providing technical assistance for program implementation
  • Offering guidance on cap and trade programs, voluntary programs, and sector-based mechanisms

We help private-sector clients grasp the bottom-line aspects of reducing GHG emissions and complying with climate change regulations. Our comprehensive knowledge of the climate change policy landscape supports efforts to minimize costs and liabilities, maximize value, and make high-stakes investment decisions by:

  • Modeling regulatory and policy scenarios for GHG and conventional pollutants
  • Providing guidance on existing and potential climate change regulations, laws, and standards
  • Analyzing climate change impacts on infrastructure, ecosystems, and communities
  • Tracking environmental performance, including energy use, costs, GHG, waste, and water
  • Evaluating options for participation in the GHG allowance and offset markets
  • Offering support in integrating economics, compliance, and other issues into climate change strategy
  • Aiding implementation of government compliance programs and voluntary initiatives

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