Earth Month 2016

5 Easy Ways to Help Save Our Planet



At ICF International, we are committed to protecting and improving the quality of life. This year, we're encouraging you to celebrate Earth Month by reducing waste. Start by sharing these 5 tips on how best to Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refuse and Rot your unwanted items. Could you begin a compost bucket? Is there a hidden DIY-gem in your reusable containers and items? Our subject matter expert recommend a few ways you can be more environmentally friendly with your trash.

You can also participate in our campaign by sharing a photo answering our water conservation question of the week: What is one of your favorite uses for water? How do you conserve water on a daily basis? Where does your water come from? How are you protecting water sources? Then, share the photo on Twitter using the hashtag #weheartwater through the month of April. For every photo publicly shared as part of this campaign – we’ll donate $5 to Water For People, up to $5,000. We hope you’ll join us!

Top 5 Green Tips from ICF's Green Team

Our 2016 green tips reflect our current focus for our Green Team: waste reduction.

  1. Buy in BulkBuy in Bulk. Buy non-perishable food, household cleaning supplies, and beauty products (like shampoo) in bulk using reusable containers. It’s good for the wallet and the environment! (And convenient, with bulk stores popping up all over.)

  2. Compost PailKeep a Compost Pail Nearby. Composting dramatically cuts your garbage volume. Keep a composting pail in a convenient location so you never forget to sort your stuff. Use your compost to fertilize your garden. (Some cities offer curbside pickup.)

  3. Recycle Old ElectronicsRecycle Old Electronics. A lot of what we can recycle often goes overlooked. You can recycle televisions, cell phones, and old Christmas lights! Contact your recycling center or favorite electronics store to learn more.

  4. Repurpose Empty ContainersRepurpose Empty Containers. Turn those otherwise disposable bulk stores containers into storage units! Reuse glass food jars and cans to store household items like clothes pins, nails, or loose buttons. And 6-pack caddies make great desk organizers.

  5. Set Your Table with ClothSet Your Table with Cloth. Cloth napkins don’t have to be the sign of a formal table setting—they’re also an eco-friendly one! Use reusable napkins and ceramic dishes instead of paper goods to minimize the amount of waste in your home.

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Note: ICF's Green Team is a volunteer employee organization responsible for implementing environmental and socially responsible initiatives across the company. The views, opinions, and recommendations of the Green Team, including the 5 tips above, do not necessarily reflect the views or recommendations of ICF International, Inc., and the company cannot be held liable or responsible for any of the recommendations or opinions offered by the Green Team.


Participate in ICF's #weheartwater campaign and we'll donate $5 to Water For People for every photo shared.

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