ICF Climate GHG Allowance and Offset Market Analysis

Greenhouse Gas Allowance and Offset Market Analysis

ICF International helps utilities, manufacturers, and other emissions-intensive companies develop smart GHG allowance and offset market strategies in an uncertain regulatory environment.



ICF helps clients evaluate the cost-effectiveness of buying greenhouse gas (GHG) allowances versus reducing emissions internally—and we help ensure that the offset market opportunities are real, verifiable, additional, and permanent.

Using a full suite of tools and analytics, ICF provides clients with recommendations that account for all the GHG allowance and offset market variables, such as the emergence of sector-specific mechanisms and the impact of compliance requirements for non-GHG pollutants.

Our services related to GHG allowance and offset market analysis include:

  • In-depth GHG modeling at the project level
  • Macro analysis of global offset markets, prices, costs, opportunities, and risks
  • Assessment of the financial risks of current and future carbon constraints via our International Carbon Pricing Tool
  • Simulations of GHG regulations, supply, demand, and future value via our Integrated Planning Model

ICF’s comprehensive knowledge of GHG and climate change protocols, trends, and market forces includes:

  • All major regional U.S. GHG initiatives
  • Current regulations, such as AB32, and pending federal legislation
  • GHG offset opportunities worldwide
  • Renewable technologies, including wind, solar, and methane capture

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