ICF Community Development Healthy Homes and Communities

Healthy Homes and Communities

ICF International delivers comprehensive technical assistance, evaluation, and training services for companies, agencies, and local organizations working to build healthy homes and healthy communities.



ICF’s multidisciplinary community development teams offer technical expertise in the diverse, interdisciplinary aspects of healthy homes, such as indoor air quality, moisture management, safe pest control, and reducing occupant exposure to toxins and other hazards.

The assistance and guidance we provide to healthy homes clients includes:

  • Help increasing the reach and impact of U.S. federal grant programs that support healthy homes, enabling state and local grantees to reach more families and agencies to more effectively implement programs and measure results. 
  • Assistance to state and local agencies in adapting housing finance programs to address health hazards, including lead-based paint, during construction or rehabilitation
  • Training for local program staff on Federal Lead Safe Housing Rule requirements and ways to strengthen community enforcement

ICF helps clients ensure that healthy homes practices, such as improved air quality, contribute to overall community benefits, including reduced healthcare costs, increased school and work attendance, and improved quality of life.

ICF also facilitates the sharing of strategies and best practices in the emerging area of healthy communities. We support clients with outreach and education materials, case studies, and written technical materials.


Featured Resources

  • Training—ICF develops and delivers training on healthy homes-related work practices and successful approaches to community level programs.
  • Evaluation—ICF conducts evaluations of healthy-homes and communities grant programs at the federal, state, and local level.  Our teams also work with clients to develop evaluation and tracking tools that they can implement themselves to measure program performance. We strive to build the capacity of our clients to capture and catalog tangible benefits achieved through these programs.
  • Strategic planning—ICF helps federal, state, and local agencies develop strategies for leveraging available resources to increase the supply of healthy homes and promote healthy communities.
  • Education and outreach—ICF designs and implements education and outreach campaigns and materials that show how individuals and communities can take action and the benefits that they can receive.
  • Technical resources—Drawing on internal and external experts, ICF develops technical resources for use by builders, architects, renovators, and program managers designed to educate these audiences about practices that they can use to build healthy homes and promote healthy communities.
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
    • Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    • Office of Children’s Health Protection and Environmental Education
    • Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
  • Project

    2011 National Healthy Homes Conference

    ICF is helping to plan the 2011 National Healthy Homes Conference entitled "Leading the Nation to Healthy Homes, Families, and Communities," which supports and responds to the growing demand for building and sustaining housing and communities that are healthy, safe, and green for America’s families.

  • Project

    Healthy Homes Training and Technical Assistance

    For more than 10 years, ICF has provided in-depth training and technical assistance to national, state, and local organizations to reduce health risks in housing, such as lead-based paint.

  • Project

    Advancing Healthy Homes – A Strategy for Action

    ICF helped a federal interagency work group develop this coordinated “strategy for action” to substantially expand the supply of healthy housing nationwide.

  • Project

    Common Community Measures for Childhood Obesity Prevention (COCOMO)

    ICF’s team served as the lead entity to identify a set of measures that can be used by local governments to assess promising policy and environmental change strategies for obesity prevention.


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