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ICF International provides comprehensive housing expertise and services to U.S. government, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations that develop housing policy and implement housing programs.



ICF recognizes the essential role that quality, affordable housing plays in building stable communities. Our multidisciplinary community development teams are knowledgeable in affordable housing, data analysis and planning, program design, training, technical assistance, and evaluation and work with clients to help them achieve their affordable housing goals.

ICF understands that access to affordable housing for all households, particularly those with low-income or special-needs occupants, requires an ample supply of properties with affordable rents and purchase prices that are available to everyone without discrimination. In cities, suburbs, rural areas, and tribal communities, ICF assists with a broad range of housing initiatives, including:

  • Single-family and multifamily loan and grant programs
  • Vouchers
  • Public housing programs
  • Permanent and transitional housing for the homeless
  • Community stabilization after foreclosures and abandonment

ICF provides housing program expertise for all stages of the development process, including:

  • Program design—Helping clients identify housing goals and objectives and create the business processes and procedures needed to implement high-production housing programs
  • Development—Helping clients analyze portfolios and leverage multiple funding sources, including public and private funds as well as tax incentives
  • Management—Helping clients meet requirements related to income eligibility, subsidy payments, and asset management, and conduct housing program monitoring, assessment, and performance management

Featured Resources

  • Program design, analysis, and assessment
  • Comprehensive understanding of complex housing regulations, rules, and laws, as well as compliance monitoring and due diligence requirements
  • Specialized knowledge of HUD HOME (Home Investments Partnerships Program), Community Development Block Grant (CBDG), Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), and homeless housing programs, as well as USDA rural development programs, and other federal housing initiatives
  • Training programs that cover policy, program design, performance measurement, and compliance, including environmental reviews, Davis-Bacon compliance, financial management, and HUD’s NSP, CDBG, and HOME programs
  • Financial analysis tools to guide housing investment decisions and evaluate properties in financial difficulty
  • Understanding of energy efficiency and green building technology in the context of affordable housing investment
  • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
  • California Housing and Community Development Department
  • City of Oakland Community and Economic Development (CEDA)
  • Colorado Department of Local Affairs
  • Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD)
  • Pima County Community Development Department
  • Tucson Housing and Community Development Department
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
    • Rural Housing Service
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

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