ICF Defense Enhancing the Mission through Sustainable Solutions

Enhancing the Mission through Sustainable Solutions

ICF International’s expertise in energy and sustainability helps U.S. defense agencies mitigate operational risks and achieve mission objectives with greater certainty, speed, and effectiveness.



With guidance from ICF, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) clients achieve full compliance with all environmental regulations, including Executive Order 13514. We help DoD realize the potential of smart environmental and energy initiatives to save service member and civilian lives, increase mission effectiveness, and bolster national security.

ICF supports the DoD mission with sustainability solutions that include: 

  • Integrated energy and environment planning and program support
  • Energy, environment, and climate policy studies and analyses
  • Mission compatibility and renewables
  • Environmental impact assessments and statements
  • Natural and cultural resources management and program support
  • Energy and critical infrastructure security planning and risk analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement programs that encourage behavior change

ICF demonstrates how fuel conservation strategies and alternative energy sources ensure the readiness of essential vehicles while minimizing the time fuel convoys spend in harm’s way. We also help calculate the fully burdened cost of fuel on the battlefield—looking beyond price-per-gallon to factor in capability, risk, and lives protected. These services help defense clients purchase the right equipment and deploy it in the right quantities.


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