ICF Defense Enterprise Performance Improvement

Enterprise Performance Improvement

ICF International delivers a variety of enterprise performance improvement services and lasting solutions for U.S. defense clients, including continuous process improvement, human capital strategies, and adaptive planning.



ICF brings a rare depth of experience in enterprise performance improvement from numerous disciplines. Our team includes accomplished consultants with years of military experience in all aspects of defense operations—research to practice—and all functional areas.

ICF partners with clients to gather insights based on thorough data analysis. We collect the right information and transform findings into actionable strategies.

When enterprise performance improvement requires significant change, ICF helps military managers:

  • Identify and apply the most effective strategies
  • Realign processes, resources, and people to optimize mission performance
  • Increase organizational, unit, and staff productivity

ICF also excels at guiding defense clients into uncharted territory—including joint service and inter-agency collaboration. We mine past experience and best practices in performance improvement from government and beyond.


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