ICF Defense Individual Performance Improvement

Individual Performance Improvement

ICF International provides effective, new strategies for recruiting, training, developing, motivating, and managing personnel and improving individual performance across the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).



ICF helps DoD leaders maximize individual talents in response to the changing nature of conflict, results-based compensation systems, and an intensified operational tempo. Our holistic approach to individual performance improvement targets the Total Force, including active duty service members, Guard and Reserve members, and DoD civil servants.

ICF improves individual performance across DoD with:

  • Modeling, research, and analysis
  • Industrial and organizational psychology
  • Performance management and measurement
  • Leader development surveys, assessments, mentoring, and coaching
  • End-to-end training, from development through evaluation
  • Course conversion, blended learning, and e-learning
  • Diversity education and training

We deliver services for every step, from defining DoD workforce needs and identifying competencies to building these skills with custom training and education—including immersive simulations. 

Our adaptive training systems, developed using ICF’s blended-learning Analysis Methodology and Model, increase the “soft power” of service personnel preparing for the social and cultural complexities of a counterinsurgency environment.


Featured Resources

  • Project

    CAL Annual Survey of Army Leadership

    ICF identified issues and trends in leadership and leader development to conduct an assessment of the quality of leadership and leader development, the contribution of actions and character to leadership, and the effects of climate and situational factors on leadership, and to produce a report of the findings.

  • Project

    Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback and Operations Support

    ICF developed simulations for leader development training to improve upon and create additional back end’ developmental resource, starting with the feedback report itself and on through actual web- and simulation-based developmental activities.


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