ICF Joint and Interagency Capability Development

Joint + Interagency Capability Development

ICF International excels at building the capacity of U.S. defense and interagency partners to execute joint missions.



ICF manages the intricate political, cultural, and logistical dynamics of joint endeavors and creates a common language so all parties can move cohesively toward the end goal. We also offer specialized training for joint, interagency, and coalition partners to facilitate the successful transition from traditional force and hierarchal command models to smaller, more autonomous units and to bring to bear the capabilities of the various departments to government, including the U.S. Departments of Defense (DoD), State, and the Treasury.

With a portfolio approach to joint and interagency capabilities development and management, ICF devises solutions for DoD clients by: 

  • Identifying joint project and personnel requirements
  • Minimizing gaps and redundancies
  • Assessing operational risks
  • Improving transparency and interoperability
  • Developing adaptive planning strategies
  • Addressing whole-of-government considerations

Our emphasis on building organizational and individual capacity prepares U.S. defense clients to coordinate sustained responses to a variety of scenarios.

ICF has experience working across DoD and other federal agencies. Knowing how the joint world has evolved, the structure of various agencies, and what has worked in the past gives us an optimal vantage point for every engagement.


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