ICF Defense Operational and Combat Support

Operational Support

ICF International helps U.S. defense clients evaluate, plan for, manage, and improve all aspects of their operations.



ICF examines U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) project challenges from all angles, looking beyond immediate requirements to forecast possible problems, needs, and questions related to operational support. We show clients how to optimize their limited resources and help them realize significant savings.

At ICF, our experts partner with military commanders and managers to: 

  • Improve decision-making
  • Fill in-house skill gaps
  • Ensure assets are mission-ready
  • Help personnel master their responsibilities before they deploy
  • Enhance visibility of critical data across multiple legacy systems
  • Increase mission readiness with improved logistics and IT capabilities

With a large and growing cadre of staff trained in Lean Six Sigma principles, ICF emphasizes proven methods to drive better results—including automating internal processes and collecting the right data for the right defense decisions.

For direct personnel support, ICF brings unique depth and effectiveness to education. We develop immersive simulations and models, gaming, and hands-on training exercises for all military responsibilities.


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