Medical Simulation + Training

Learn how ICF provides learning strategies and technologies to the defense medical community.

MVF Medical

Improving the Reintegration and Transition Process

Learn how ICF supports the reintegration of military personnel as they transition to civilian life.

MVF Transition


ICF International’s experts help clients across all U.S. defense agencies improve mission readiness, leadership, and the performance of personnel and programs.



ICF's defense clients benefit from our multidisciplinary teams of recognized thought leaders, seasoned researchers, behavioral scientists, and former military personnel from all branches.

ICF understands the environment and operations of our client agencies—and the realities that shape their daily lives. Our experience includes:  

  • Supporting the military’s transition to adaptive planning
  • Developing and assessing current and future leaders
  • Meeting health needs of service members and veterans, and their families
  • Preparing military personnel to make smart decisions quickly in complex social and cultural environments
  • Balancing mission objectives, logistics, and energy security

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ICF 2012-13 Highlights - Technology 

Big data, cybersecurity, consumer engagement—ICF helps clients maximize and protect technology resources. Click here to view ICF's 2012–2013 company highlights related to technology and cybersecurity.


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