ICF Education Supporting Learning Across a Lifetime

Supporting Learning Across a Lifetime

ICF International helps district and state administrators facilitate cooperation between education providers to create a cumulative knowledge base for students as they progress through the lifelong education continuum.



ICF supports learning across a lifetime from early care for infants and toddlers all the way through college and workforce training. We assist with successful student transitions by employing integrated service delivery methods and comprehensive data systems that can track and evaluate students, teachers, and programs throughout the educational lifespan.

New mandates require that states and school districts move toward an integrated education system in the United States, with coordinated service delivery mechanisms. ICF help clients achieve this objective by providing in-depth analysis and solid recommendations for increasing:

  • Interagency partnership and collaboration
  • Standardization of essential system elements
  • Alignment of policies, standards, and regulations

From implementing age-appropriate learning strategies to addressing the most up-to-date pedagogy behind the curriculum, ICF supports student transitions through an ever-changing educational landscape. This includes working with data systems and other integrated infrastructure that can identify and address gaps in learning, inform program improvement, and promote continuous quality.


Featured Resources

  • Research and evaluation—ICF is experienced in all facets of the research process and develops highly rigorous research projects, including formative and summative evaluations to improve the college and career readiness of the next generation. We help clients develop strategies to leverage research findings to their maximum extent and make data-driven decisions to benefit both the programs and the youth they serve.
  • Training and technical assistance (TA)—ICF builds capacity among schools, districts, and states through training and technical assistance based on best practices for needs assessment, assistance delivery, and evaluation of TA effectiveness. In partnership with educators, ICF examines evaluation and feedback to assess what was learned, what worked, and what needs improvement.
  • Texas Education Agency (TEA)
  • U.S. Department of Education (ED)
    • Institute of Education Sciences (IES)
  • Project

    Evaluation of the Texas Adolescent Literacy Academies (TALA)

    ICF conducted a formative and summative evaluation of the Texas Adolescent Literacy Academies (TALA), a statewide teacher professional development (PD) program, to assess its quality, implementation, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness. This work highlights ICF’s expertise in evaluating the implementation and impact of adult learning opportunities that support adolescent learning and development.

  • Project

    Evaluation of the Texas Virtual Schools Network (TxVSN)

    The Texas Virtual Schools Network (TxVSN) provides education to high school students sitting in a variety of locations across the state through an online environment. ICF’s evaluation of the program will assess its functionality and effectiveness through the development and administration of surveys for all stakeholders involved in providing and participating in the TxVSN.

  • Project

    Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Mid-Atlantic

    The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Mid-Atlantic supports the research-related needs of educational stakeholders throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania with research, technical assistance, training, and dissemination. ICF provides practitioners and policy-makers with evidence-based improvement strategies, sponsors educational research forums, and conducts stakeholder-driven short-term research projects.

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