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Automotive Technology + Emissions

ICF International assesses the financial and environmental impacts of automotive technology to reduce vehicle emissions.


As experts in automotive fuel economy, alternative fuels, criteria pollutant emissions, and related automotive technology issues, ICF helps automakers develop and launch new forward-looking automotive models into the marketplace.

ICF works to answer long-lead questions that will affect technology development, such as:

  • What will the prevailing technology be in 2030?
  • How will consumers respond?
  • What regulatory issues will governments have to face in this evolving industry?

Using sophisticated modeling technology, ICF delivers reliable automotive technology and emissions services, including:

  • Long-lead forecasting
  • Cost-benefit analysis of alternative technology strategies
  • Competitor analysis
  • Development of compliance strategies
  • Analysis of alternative fuel options and strategies

For government clients around the world, ICF International conducts research, provides data and analysis, and helps to develop automotive technology regulations and regulatory strategy.


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