Evolving Energy Technologies

Ask us how innovation is changing energy efficiency and renewable technologies.

Evolving Energy Technologies

4 Ways Utilities Can Benefit from CHP

ICF examines how utilities are taking advantage of combined heat and power (CHP) market trends.

Energy + Environment Intelligence Briefing

Energy: Consulting for the 21st Century

Watch our video on how ICF helps clients develop comprehensive energy strategies to generate, deliver, and use energy more effectively.

ICF Corporate Energy

Gas-Electric Integration: Convergence of the Gas and Power Industries

Discover opportunities, risks, and strategic thinking.

Gas-Electric Integration: Convergence of the Gas and Power Industries

Distributed Generation: Challenging the Utility Model

Predict adoption, prepare for load change, and position your business strategically.

Distributed Generation: Challenging the Utility Model

Regional Differences in Order 1000 Cost Allocation

How will cost allocation affect regional transmission planning under FERC Order 1000?

FERC Order 1000


ICF International helps public and private-sector clients develop comprehensive energy strategies and establish sustainable programs to deliver and maintain energy.



Using an integrated approach to energy markets, our experts apply cutting-edge technical skills and proprietary modeling tools to provide clients with a complete picture of the energy landscape—from electric power to fuels to renewables.

As more potential energy sources become viable and new regulations are introduced, developing a comprehensive energy strategy is more important and challenging than ever. We help clients analyze, implement, and evaluate the most appropriate programs and policies.

ICF also works to develop strategies that are both cost-sensitive and environmentally responsible—dual concerns that will only increase as the economy and climate change continue to intersect.

ICF’s decades of energy experience are backed by robust, analytical tools that allow for reliable data and forecasting. Our tools include:

  • Integrated Planning Model—IPM®
  • Gas Market Model—GMM®
  • Coal Depletion Optimization Model—CoalDOM®
  • PowerWorld®
  • GE MAPS™
  • Positive Sequence Load Flow—GE PSLF™

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ICF Company Highlights 2013-14 

ICF's success is a result of our ability to skillfully pair the right tools with the right experts to help our clients address critical societal issues and unprecendented challenges. Click here to view ICF's 2013–2014 company highlights.

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