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Behavior + Disease Surveillance

ICF International helps clients develop focused approaches to behavior and disease surveillance for health programs across the United States and around the world.



ICF is the largest provider of youth and adult tobacco-use surveys. We operate a registry that collects, processes, and reports on U.S. cancer incidence and mortality rates. We’ve also assessed physical education and food service in schools across the United States to monitor programs and policies targeting childhood obesity.

More than three decades of experience gives us thorough command of our clients’ protocols, guidelines, and preferences. We help them measure program success, make informed decisions, and reach their health program goals with:

  • Interview strategies to collect behavior and disease data swiftly and accurately while maximizing response rates
  • End-to-end survey services, from designing samples and selecting participants to organizing and  presenting results
  • Technical solutions for data collection and processing, controlling data quality, and producing reports on behavior trends and disease incidence
  • Ongoing surveillance support via consulting, training, and capacity building
  • Guidance in health program planning, management, and evaluation

Our team features seasoned researchers, statisticians, programmers, interviewers, and data processors. We conduct behavior and risk surveillance surveys and bring context to our findings for meaningful, actionable results.


Featured Resources

  • Efficient interviewing strategies—ICF’s multilingual interviewing methodology and high-tech capture tools help collect data swiftly and accurately while maximizing response rates.
  • Comprehensive survey services—ICF’s broad range of services includes designing samples and selecting participants to organizing and presenting results.
  • Leading technical solutions—ICF’s rich data systems collect and process data, control data quality, and produce reports on behavior trends and disease incidence.
  • Ongoing support services—ICF supports clients with consultation, training, capacity building, surveillance, and program planning, management, and evaluation.
  • Brookmar, Inc.
  • Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS)
  • Numerous state departments of health
  • Public Health Institute
    • Alcohol Research Group
  • State of Delaware
  • Division of Public Health
  • University of Washington
  • U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • U.S. Department of Defense
    • Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • Project

    Common Community Measures for Childhood Obesity Prevention (COCOMO)

    ICF’s team served as the lead entity to identify a set of measures that can be used by local governments to assess promising policy and environmental change strategies for obesity prevention.

  • Project

    C-8 Health Project

    ICF programmed and hosted a web survey fielding for five months, which collected data related to the medical history of people who may have suffered ill effects from exposure to the chemical compound commonly referred to as C-8.

  • Project

    Gulf States Population Survey

    During 2011, ICF will be conducting the Gulf States Population Survey to provide timely, precise data about the mental and behavioral health issues of Gulf Coast residents potentially impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

  • Project

    GC 13 Household Survey

    ICF is responsible for programming and hosting the (Computer-assisted Personal Interview) CAPI data collection tools for the University of Washington’s international study to develop better instruments and methods for measuring population health, particularly in resource-poor settings.

  • Project

    Evaluation of the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Hypertension Management Program

    ICF International conducted a rigorous evaluation of Kaiser Permanente Colorado (KPCO) Hypertension Management Program (HMP) to better understand implementation processes and the effectiveness of the program in improving specific hypertension-related outcomes.

  • Project

    Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

    ICF's data collection efforts for BRFSS surveys support public health programs and legislative efforts that improve the physical and mental health of hundreds of thousands of Americans each year.

  • Project

    National Alcohol Survey (NAS)

    The NAS is a recurring (every 5 years), nationally representative, cross-sectional, phone-based survey that seeks to understand several key factors related to alcohol use, such as expenditures for alcohol, alcohol-use disorders and disabilities, alcohol-attributed and non-attributed health conditions, and numerous cognitive and attitudinal variables.

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