Transportation Performance Measures

A Webinar Series from ICF International

In our series of free webinars, ICF addresses emerging issues in performance measurement that will be of critical importance to transportation agencies over the coming years.   



U.S. transportation agencies are increasingly focused on performance measures in order to help manage scarce financial resources more effectively, focus staff on key priorities, and provide greater accountability to the public. State departments of transportation (DOTs) and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) are currently moving toward more performance-based approaches in transportation planning and programming.

These agencies, along with local governments, transit agencies, toll authorities, and transportation service providers are also increasingly using performance measures to help support efficient operations, strengthen asset management, and to communicate with the public and elected officials. It is anticipated that performance measurement will be institutionalized at the national level as part of the next federal surface transportation authorization, increasing state and regional accountability for progress in areas like safety, congestion relief, energy use, and infrastructure preservation. 

ICF helps transportation agencies at all levels of government to develop performance measures and performance management approaches to improve decision-making. Our work on transportation performance measures addresses a full range of issues, including multimodal system performance, reliability, congestion management, the environment, sustainability, livability, safety, and return-on-investment. 

Our services include:

  • Developing consensus on multimodal objectives and performance measures
  • Data collection and analysis techniques
  • Investment analysis and program evaluation
  • Support for transportation policy development

Join us as ICF experts discuss performance measurement and management issues in transportation.


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