ICF Transportation Demand Management

Transportation Demand Management

ICF International develops transportation demand management solutions that help reduce travel time and congestion, improve air quality, generate cost savings, and support community livability and public health objectives.



Transportation demand management (TDM) encourages widespread use of travel options, such as transit, ridesharing, bicycling, walking, and telecommuting, as alternatives to driving alone. ICF delivers comprehensive support at every stage, including:

  • Planning
  • Program development
  • Communications, marketing, and outreach support
  • Corridor and mobility mapping and analysis
  • Program evaluation and measurement
  • Assistance linking TDM to broader policies and initiatives
  • Program implementation and ongoing support
  • TDM online and technology solutions and support

ICF understands the latest tools for TDM programs and how to put them to work to inform decisions, track behaviors, and motivate action. Our in-house expertise encompasses smart growth, transportation planning, social marketing, and technology. Our multidisciplinary teams include specialists in emissions reduction, fleet management, fuels, greenhouse gas, and livable communities.

ICF's approach to TDM reflects extensive insight into programs, transportation operations, marketing and outreach, and technologies at the federal, state, regional, and local levels. We understand the pieces of the TDM puzzle, how to assemble them, and which players to engage to ensure success.

ICF’s TDM+ Approach

In developing strategic TDM plans, ICF goes beyond traditional TDM strategies to make the connections between travel demand management and:

Livability and land use
Systems operations
Active transportation
Economic development
Climate change
Active aging
Healthy communities


Featured Resources

  • Planning—ICF uses a collaborative and contextual approach to engage stakeholders in identifying the best TDM strategies for their communities, either as part of a fuller planning process or as a separate project at the state and regional levels.
  • TDM technology solutions—ICF designs, develops, and maintains technology solutions for TDM programs and services, including application development and overall strategic visioning, in particular linking to existing transportation options, programs, and campaigns with consideration of future enhancements.
  • Program development—ICF designs TDM programs that are tailored to the needs of specific places and client needs, including the development of policy options, assessment of target audiences, and estimation of travel impacts, costs, benefits, and financial implications.
  • Communications and marketing—ICF develops award-winning, effective outreach materials that enhance the success of TDM efforts. We develop marketing plans, conceive and coordinate public awareness activities, and design attractive materials that support effective outreach, including brochures, websites, and television advertisements.
  • Implementation support—ICF aids in program implementation by working with stakeholders in local communities. We also facilitate focus groups and workshops, work with local businesses and other stakeholders, and coordinate events, such as employer recognition ceremonies.
  • Program evaluation—ICF is nationally recognized for its expertise in evaluating voluntary TDM and pollution prevention programs. We conduct participant surveys, evaluate emission reduction efforts, estimate air quality impacts, and develop tailored monitoring tools.
  • Benchmarking and analysis—ICF improves program implementation by developing performance measures that allow for continuing progress. We also assist in setting specific measurable targets for performance and establishing reporting mechanisms to help ensure accountability.
  • Local governments
    • Anne Arundel County, Maryland
    • Fairfax County, Virginia
  • Metropolitan planning organizations
    • Atlanta Regional Commission
    • Birmingham (Alabama) Regional Planning Commission
    • Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
    • Sacramento Area Council of Governments
    • Southern California Association of Governments
  • National Transit Institute
  • State departments of transportation (DOTs)
    • Maryland DOT
    • New York State DOT
  • Transportation Research Board (TRB)
    • National Cooperative Highway Research Program
    • Transit Cooperative Research Program
  • Transport Canada
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Project

    Strategic Review and Benchmarking of Commuter Connections Program

    For Maryland Department of Transportation, a major funder of the Washington, D.C., region’s Commuter Connections program, ICF developed benchmarks for regional commute assistance programs by developing performance measures and interviewing agencies around the country to ascertain performance on these measures.

  • Project

    Clean Air NY

    ICF has successfully transformed the New York metro area's "Ozone Action Days" initiative into a comprehensive year-round air quality program encouraging residents and businesses to change their travel behavior in ways to improve air quality.

  • Project

    Statewide Travel Demand Management/Integrated Commuter and Traveler Assistance Services

    ICF supports NYSDOT with the development and expansion of a statewide commuter and traveler assistance services TDM effort.

  • Project

    Transit and RideShare Planning and Coordination

    ICF focused on the creation of a clearinghouse for transit use and RideShare information and the development of strategies to promote transit and ridesharing activities related to the Fort Meade Base realignment and closure.

  • Project

    TDM Task Force Technical Support

    ICF supported the SCAG TDM Task Force in developing recommendations for TDM measures to be included in the update to the Regional Transportation Plan.

  • Project

    TDM Proffer Reviews

    ICF supported the Fairfax County Department of Transportation in conducting reviews of transportation demand management (TDM) proffers submitted by developers in order to receive approval for their development projects.

  • Project

    Atlanta Regional Commission Strategic TDM Plan

    ICF International is leading the development of the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), a regional, long-range strategic plan for transportation demand management (TDM).

  • Project

    State DOT Role in Implementing TDM Programs

    ICF documented best practices applied by state departments of transportation (DOTs) in regard to transportation demand management (TDM) programs, and developed a primer highlighting potential roles for state DOTs.

  • Project

    Integrated New York Commuter and Traveler Assistance Program (511NY Rideshare)

    ICF supports the consolidation of three New York downstate regions into one integrated TDM program branded as 511NY Rideshare.

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