ICF International Awarded a US$6 Million Contract to Administer New York Region's Ozone Action Days Program

Program to Reduce the Emissions that Cause Ground-Level Ozone Pollution



Fairfax, Virginia, June 20, 2006 -

ICF International has been awarded a four-year, US$6 million contract with the New York State Department of Transportation, Environmental Analysis Bureau, to develop and implement the New York region's Ozone Action Days Program, an outreach and marketing program designed to reduce the emissions that contribute to poor air quality.

"ICF is pleased to have been selected to develop a ground-breaking ozone action days program to best meet the unique needs of the New York metropolitan area," said Isabel Reiff, an ICF senior vice president who oversees the firm's services in this area. "We have a proven reputation developing and implementing successful voluntary programs for our federal, state, and local government clients. Our expert staff will integrate national best practices and insight on local transportation issues with our technical and programmatic understanding of air quality and expertise in strategic communications. Through this program we will enhance and expand the outreach campaign to encourage the public to take actions to reduce emissions."

The program is an important element in the New York region's strategy to reduce motor vehicle emissions and comply with federal air quality standards. Emissions reductions through this program will decrease ground-level ozone, the primary component of urban smog and particulate matter. ICF will expand the program to become a year-round air quality program, addressing pollutants that cause respiratory problems and other adverse health impacts, particularly for sensitive individuals, such as children, the elderly, and people with asthma. ICF will increase the program's visibility, working closely with partners throughout the New York region. ICF will evaluate the effectiveness of the program in increasing awareness of air quality issues and in encouraging changes in travel behavior that reduce emissions.



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