ICF International Receives Approval for New CDM Project Methodology

Technique Reduces Global Warming with Financial Incentives for Process Manufacturers



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 11, 2006 -

ICF International announced today that it successfully developed a new project methodology under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol in partnership with Lafarge, Brasil, one of the world’s leading mineral processing companies. This pioneering methodology enables process manufacturers to reduce the quantity of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and apply for carbon credits.

"The technique is further evidence of ICF’s innovative work to support our clients as they seek new ways to respond to the threat of climate change," says Craig Ebert, executive vice president at ICF and Kyoto Protocol expert based in Los Angeles. "This methodology is an inventive technical solution for Lafarge and other companies to generate additional revenue while reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

The new methodology, AM0033, was formally approved by the CDM Executive Board for use by companies globally as a way to enhance their bottom line while operating in a socially responsible manner. AM0033 enables users to reduce GHG by rewarding companies with carbon credits in exchange for substituting raw materials and using waste products in the production of cement and other processed materials.

"Not only will this allow companies to receive carbon credits for their cutting-edge practices, but Lafarge, Brasil also is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability by utilizing a noxious waste product from local steel-making facilities," says Marcos Ferreira, managing director of ICF’s Latin American operations. "By serving in an advisory capacity on more than 300 carbon credit projects globally, ICF brings a unique level of expertise to the CDM arena. We continue to break new ground in providing vital solutions for our corporate clients that enable them to invest in revenue-enhancing strategies while simultaneously improving their environmental performance."



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