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ICF Business Transaction Processing

Business Transaction Processing

ICF International implements diverse business transaction processing programs, including rebates and incentives, providing intake and adjudication, customer outreach, and output delivery.



ICF’s business transaction processing offers fast, secure end-to-end transaction processing for businesses, agencies, and organizations. As programs such as rebates and incentives become more multifaceted, the capabilities to bring all the pieces of a program together and manage each transaction efficiently becomes essential to advancing a program or product.

ICF’s dynamic, innovative approach to transaction processing meets the needs of this rapidly changing field. We are helping to shape the transaction processing field with our work in developing the new portfolio approach to transactions.

Our transaction processing quality extends for the full lifecycle of a program, offering services for every step:

  • Intake—Manage large quantities of applications, capture initial applications, prepare and adjudicate transactions
  • Workforce—Deploy high-capacity workforce rapidly
  • Outreach—Execute large-scale mailouts, social media, web-based interactions, and multi-mode customer outreach
  • Security assurance—Operate secure environment, establish redundancies, safeguard personal information
  • Output delivery—Issue remuneration, including checks, debit cards, rebate cards, and rewards cards

In addition, all back-office processes at ICF are developed based on the company’s more than 20 years of domain expertise in subjects ranging from energy to public health to homeland security.


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ICF’s capabilities support both paper-based and electronic transactions. They are also easily and quickly scalable and include quality controls for each functional step.

  • Mail management—ICF supports both the incoming and outgoing mail functions of transaction application receipt and letter-based communications.
  • Document scanning—ICF’s document scanning services comprise imaging along with the retention and management of transaction-based and supporting documentation.
  • Data entry—ICF offers “key from paper” and “key from image” data entry capabilities, with exceptional production efficiency and quality.
  • Eligibility determination—ICF can help clients determine consumer and/or applicant eligibility for program participation, based on client specifications.
  • Payment process—ICF handles both electronic and manual aspects of transaction processing and related payment calculations associated with the transaction.
  • Payment Distribution—ICF administers payment distribution, in electronic or check form, for eligible program participants.
  • Customer service—ICF provides many options to service customers, including our multitiered call center, and email-, fax-, and paper-based communication support for transaction processing.
  • Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE)
  • Consumers Energy
  • Detroit Edison
  • Georgia Power
  • Iberdrola
  • South Carolina Electric and Gas (SCE&G)
  • Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO)
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