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Cybersecurity Solutions

With experts at the leading edge of cybersecurity, ICF International helps clients implement solutions that reduce the risks of data theft, reputation damage, and operational outages.



For years, our team of top cybersecurity specialists has helped intelligence and military clients successfully defend the most aggressively attacked infrastructure on the planet. But the benefits of our work extend far beyond this complex challenge.

We adapt our proven strategies for organizations of all sizes across various industries. Collaborating with ICF's subject matter experts in specific markets, our cybersecurity teams design programs, advise on policies, and work on site to implement custom, scalable solutions.

Whether securing an energy grid, transportation system, defense network, or private healthcare information, ICF helps clients mount a sophisticated defense.

Proactive Measures

The time to act is now: Industries that voluntarily bolster their cybersecurity efforts can take the lead in setting standards for their sector. Executive Order 13636, "Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity," provides companies in critical infrastructure sectors with a new, stronger cybersecurity framework.

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ICF Company Highlights 2013-14 

ICF's success is a result of our ability to skillfully pair the right tools with the right experts to help our clients address critical societal issues and unprecedented challenges. Click here to view ICF's 2013–2014 company highlights.

Championship–Caliber Protection

In March 2012, the ICF team representing North America won second place at The Global CyberLympics World Finals in Chantilly, Virginia.


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