Information + Data Management

ICF International offers proven expertise in information and data management to help clients collect, manage, analyze, and disseminate data in ways that maximize the value of their information assets and support decision-making to advance their missions.



Information and data management is an increasingly important issue for all organizations as the volume of data being generated, gathered, and stored increases exponentially. ICF understands that data and the information that can be gleaned from it now represent some of the most valuable assets organizations possess.

ICF's expertise spans all of the most visible and high-priority domains impacting populations worldwide, including climate change, defense, energy, environment, health, homeland security, social programs, and transportation. We work hard to understand our clients' needs so we can provide useful data and analysis, sound recommendations, and positive outcomes. We work with clients at each step in the data lifecycle to:

  • Pinpoint the entities and dependencies needed for optimal organization
  • Maintain security while enhancing the availability of information
  • Cut costs by improving access and reducing risk of lost or compromised data
  • Digitize paper documentation for archiving, backup, and retrieval

We combine process improvement techniques and technology solutions to design, develop, host, and implement information-management architectures and data structures in five stages:

  1. Collection—ICF's multimodal data collection solutions improve data quality and timeliness.
  2. Management—ICF's database architecture, rules, and protocols improve data integrity.
  3. Analysis—ICF analyzes quantitative and qualitative data to answer clients' research questions and produce actionable, understandable results.
  4. Reporting—ICF's detailed reports and vivid infographics make it easy to see the story in the data, and then take action.
  5. Dissemination—ICF designs customized strategies for clients to share targeted data with key stakeholders.




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