Crossing the Mobile Threshold

ICF explains why mobile works to disseminate information about HIV/AIDS—and what else we should be doing.

Crossing the Mobile Threshold

IT Solutions

ICF International provides government agencies and commercial organizations with IT management services and IT solutions to effectively share information, understand complex situations, and maximize resources and efficiencies.



ICF programmers, planners, and systems engineers work hand in hand with in-house subject matter experts and program specialists in areas such as health, energy, homeland security, education, and the environment. Our multidisciplinary teams ensure that enterprise architecture and systems adapt to agency parameters, integrate with overall strategy, and evolve with changes in the regulatory and technical landscape.

ICF's IT management and solutions include:

ICF is on the forefront of the latest industry developments, including social media and cloud computing, and is committed to innovation and applying new technologies to client challenges. We have the tools, certifications, testing protocols, and implementation methodologies needed to launch IT solutions with speed while maintaining security and quality.

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ICF's success is a result of our ability to skillfully pair the right tools with the right experts to help our clients address critical societal issues and unprecedented challenges. Click here to view ICF's 2013–2014 company highlights.


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