ICF Social Programs Solutions

Social Programs IT Solutions

ICF International supports organizations that administer large-scale social programs with expert technology guidance and secure IT tools, services, and solutions.



ICF’s experts understand how to guide and implement technology solutions tailored to the unique needs and audiences of social programs. We work with U.S. agency CIOs and social programs administrators on a variety of initiatives, from launching awareness campaigns to developing loan or grant programs to implementing a Congressional initiative. Our IT services for social programs include:

  • Websites and social media platforms to facilitate the delivery of information and resources to at-risk populations
  • Training and technical assistance solutions, such as reporting databases, tracking systems, and online communities
  • Information centers to disseminate resources for professionals working in fields including health, education, and justice
  • Geospatial tools for visually managing the distribution of funding, assets, and services

ICF’s experience across the spectrum of social programs and technologies enables us to quickly and efficiently develop databases, web platforms, workflow automation systems, and analytic and reporting tools.

In addition, our specialists in IT, business process improvement, statistical reporting, and communications regularly collaborate with experts in areas including health, the environment, community development, housing, and social justice, giving us a complete understanding of the policies, issues, and challenges facing public-sector social services organizations today.


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