Modeling + Simulation

ICF International advances the art and science of modeling and simulation through our understanding of environmental systems and how human activities impact them, coupled with our sophisticated statistical analyses, innovative decision support applications, and applied research.



ICF is recognized within the environmental, health and human services, and defense communities as a leader in devising groundbreaking solutions to client problems. Our innovative analyses and applications are solving real customer problems and providing unique insight to critical decision-makers right now. ICF develops and operates modeling and simulation systems that perform a wide range of analyses, including those supporting evaluation of environmental impacts, planning for future energy needs, and preparation for military operations.

ICF has provided world-class support for the modeling and simulation of environmental impacts to public and private clients for more than 25 years. Our scientists understand how human activities can impact our health, climate, and environment and are experienced at developing and applying models that can characterize the potential impacts and help eliminate or mitigate potential problems. 

ICF's modeling and simulation support for the electric and natural gas sectors provides an integrated platform for fundamentals-based modeling and forward simulation of the power and gas sectors. Our suite of modeling tools provides the necessary detailed information and insight to develop meaningful conclusions and recommendations to industry participants. Our range of modeling services includes integrated resource planning, due diligence support, project planning, regulatory impact assessment, environmental impact analysis and compliance planning, investment strategy support, contract negotiations, and regulatory and litigation support.

Our range of environmental modeling services includes site-specific analyses required to support environmental planning, support for the development of new state and federal regulations, evaluation of the toxicity of chemicals, assessment of potential impacts of human activities on our climate, and the evaluation of different sustainable practices that can mitigate human impacts on the environment.

ICF's modeling, simulation, and gaming support for the defense community includes mission planning, logistics support, and operation of the virtual battlefield. We translate client-furnished training objectives into requirements for immersive live, virtual, and constructive learning systems (serious games and interactive simulations). We also provide medical simulation and training to ensure that U.S. military medical personnel are prepared to face today's challenges at home and on the battlefield.

To provide a total solution consistent with client needs, ICF develops training and mission rehearsal scenarios, builds serious game databases, and assembles and integrates the simulation suite. We provide qualified instructors for training facilitation and mentoring, as well as staff to perform data capture and analysis. Finally, we meticulously document the outcomes and present a comprehensive, action-oriented report that outlines the results of the event and our analysis-based recommendations.


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