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ICF Acquisition Management + Strategic Sourcing

Acquisition Management

ICF International works with program managers to oversee the acquisition management lifecycle and develop cost-effective strategic sourcing solutions for essential personnel.



Using our proven Performance Agility™ method, ICF helps clients identify, plan, acquire, deploy, and evaluate multimillion-dollar, mission-critical infrastructure and systems acquisitions, such as acquiring a major new technology or re-engineering an enterprise.

Program managers of U.S. government agencies must select acquisitions that align with strategic direction and maximize return on investment. ICF ensures that major investments offer tangible value by employing the Sourcing Lifecycle Management method. From mission needs assessment through cost-benefit analysis and deployment evaluation, ICF helps clients measure and demonstrate the value of their acquisitions.

Acquisition management can also include human capital. Program managers are constantly tasked with finding better, more efficient ways to fulfill organizational needs. ICF is a leader in developing cost-effective strategic sourcing solutions for essential personnel in IT and other domains.

For strategic sourcing, ICF helps assess whether delivery can be handled in-house or should involve an outside partner; document scope, requirements, and terms and conditions to maintain flexibility; ensure service-level agreements are set up appropriately; develop performance metrics; and manage oversight.


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