Scientific + Engineering Analysis

ICF International applies multifaceted scientific and engineering services that are necessary to develop innovative environmental solutions and transform impaired assets into positive resources.



ICF works with a range of clients to explore cutting-edge answers by:

  • Implementing comprehensive investigation strategies
  • Performing sophisticated modeling for environmental risk
  • Evaluating innovative use of new technologies in cleanup
  • Designing reuse and remediation strategies that minimize environmental footprint

ICF understands the unique objectives of governments and corporations when dealing with environmental problems at hazardous waste, brownfields, and munitions-contaminated sites. We help clients develop and deploy innovative site assessment, engineering, and remediation solutions to their environmental problems. 

ICF’s big-picture perspective is expertly applied throughout the lifecycle of a project. Our multidisciplinary team applies state-of-the-art principles and the most recent scientific findings to ensure clients receive scientifically defensible evaluations at an outstanding value. Our scientists develop dynamic assessment strategies. Our risk assessors run sophisticated models to predict impacts to health and the environment. Our engineers design and implement innovative and sustainable environmental solutions.

Ultimately we enable clients to make informed decisions while balancing regulatory requirements, engineering judgment, economics, and scientific knowledge to ensure that environmental risk is appropriately identified and effectively managed. Using this approach, ICF has achieved a record of success in building consensus among industry, regulators, and the public in support of cost-effective, fully protective solutions.


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