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Defense Communications

ICF International supports the mission of U.S. military clients with strategic defense communications materials and outreach campaigns.


ICF provides effective communications that are critical to meeting the goals of today’s U.S. military, from connecting with new recruits and assisting military families to promoting health resources for service members and veterans.

Our defense communications campaigns succeed because we understand military audiences, outreach channels, command structures, and cultural nuances. ICF works with all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and has numerous veterans on staff to help guide our efforts. In addition, several members of our communications team already hold security clearances, so we are able to ramp up for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) clients quickly.

ICF’s sector-specific insights also make a measurable difference for defense communications. We apply best practices and research from other divisions within ICF, including health, energy, and youth and family. Our defense and other domain experts work with our communications professionals to deliver the right messages with the right tools, including public relations, advertising, and interactive technologies.

ICF also understands the social networking and new media strategies that are essential to the development, evaluation, and promotion of defense programs, especially among younger military audiences. In addition, we provide leading-edge market analysis and robust tracking to ensure communications strategies meet their objectives and produce the desired results for defense clients.


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