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Health Communications

ICF International helps clients optimize health communications budgets to reach priority audiences using the right messages and the best mix of outreach channels.



At ICF, our experience spans a wide range of health issues, including:

  • Health and mental health promotion
  • Disease education and prevention
  • Tobacco cessation and substance abuse prevention
  • Military and veteran health services
  • Childhood obesity prevention
  • Environmental health

Epidemiologists and scientists inform the content that our award-winning creative team turns into powerful health communications campaigns. ICF identifies the communications preferences of diverse target audiences based on demographics and psychographics, including race, gender, age, culture, geography, and socioeconomic standing. Our evaluation specialists develop strategies to measure campaign effectiveness and demonstrate impact.

More than an agency, ICF is a trusted partner for our health-focused clients. Our versatile staff conducts formative research and literature reviews to clarify health issues and shape messages for organizations and U.S. government agencies. We collaborate with planning committees and advisory boards. We also help leadership develop multi-year health communications strategies with resource allocations for the most pressing needs.

In addition, ICF finds opportunities to leverage the efforts of other organizations with similar outreach goals and health messages. We also facilitate pooling resources across like-minded groups to fill gaps in health information without duplicating efforts or expenses. Above all, we share our clients’ passion for helping others.

Social Media Sizing Chart
Social Media Sizing Chart 

Download ICF's social media sizing chart so you can best display your visual content on the most popular social media sites.


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