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Internal Communications

ICF International improves internal communications for organizations by developing outreach plans, crafting messages, and using the most effective delivery methods.



ICF excels in the nuances of internal communications. Our specialists create comprehensive strategies that bring all parties onto the same page, especially in light of changes, such as a new IT platform, revised training requirements, or modifications to processes or personnel.

Poor communication halts progress. ICF knows that the overuse of email and newsletters can weaken internal communications efforts and explores new vehicles to increase the likelihood that messages get through. We identify trouble spots and bridges gaps and help all parties understand the greater organizational mission and their roles within it.

Our solutions also take into account audience diversity, most notably the multi-generational nature of U.S. government organizations. ICF helps all age groups understand and adjust to new technologies and tactics.

To further aid the success of internal communications, ICF forms communications allies across organizations. We often become an integral part of our clients’ teams. For example, we have staff on-site overseeing internal communications strategies at multiple government agencies.

ICF works closely with human resources staff, particularly when new developments affect how people do their jobs or advance in the organization. We also improve project performance by targeting disparate team members and engage unions early in the process to win support and leverage their communication channels.


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