ICF Strategic Communications Media Services

Media Services

ICF International offers comprehensive media services and strategic outreach plans that help clients generate the highest return on their strategic communications and marketing investments.



ICF devises and executes effective media outreach plans that hit the mark using a variety of communications strategies, including:

  • Broadcast
  • Print
  • Online
  • Out-of-home
  • Cross-promotions
  • Direct marketing
  • Social media

ICF’s researchers assess the current landscape in relation to each client’s campaign and organizational goals. We gauge public perceptions of issues and programs, identify potential barriers, and pinpoint new opportunities for media outreach. We then transform our findings into a comprehensive media plan detailing the best channels, tactics, budgets, and timelines using a synergistic mix of paid, owned, and earned media promotions.

ICF diligently evaluates client campaigns and reviews media performance as frequently as clients wish. We learn what works and improve or abandon what doesn’t. Beyond reach, frequency, and impressions, we measure how well campaigns inspire intended actions, such as enrolling in a program, visiting a website, or calling a hotline. We also track earned media coverage, including mentions and story placements.

ICF’s commission structures differ from those of traditional agencies so clients pay less for media services. In addition, we negotiate with media partners for bonus coverage, such as on-air recognition, web presence, public service interviews, email blasts, and special events.


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