ICF Strategic Communications Specialized Audiences

Specialized Audiences

ICF International develops highly targeted, research-based campaigns to help clients overcome communications barriers and connect with diverse, specialized audiences.



Race, age, sexual orientation, gender, geography, creed, socioeconomics—ICF tailors communications strategies to the preferences, logistics, and nuances of specialized audiences. Through focused research, we learn how varied populations prefer to receive messages and what compels them to act.

ICF helps clients overcome barriers to communicating with specialized audiences, including deep-rooted mistrust in messengers from the government and medical community. We maintain strong relationships with community leaders that put us in touch with vast numbers of hard-to-reach audiences and cast our efforts in a positive light from the start.

We also formally partner with respected organizations that represent our clients’ target populations. These partners recognize that ICF clients provide credible, vital information, and they gladly help us reach out to their constituents.

In addition to developing new communications, ICF consults with clients on their existing outreach efforts. We help educate clients and develop effective tools that increase cultural competency and responsiveness.

We attribute much of our success to our organizational culture. ICF’s communications group includes people of diverse origins and backgrounds, including retired veterans, recent graduates, and advocates of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. We occupy offices in urban centers and rural towns. Our personal experiences enrich our expertise in both communications and our clients’ domains.


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