ICF International provides a full range of survey and research capabilities required to design, pretest, administer, and analyze surveys of any size and in multiple data collection modes, with particular expertise on large population and facility-based surveys in developing countries.



The foundation of ICF's survey and research expertise is our highly experienced and talented staff. Our Ph.D. and Master's-level survey researchers have degrees in subjects as diverse as demography, public health, psychology, sociology, economics, public policy, and statistics and are well-versed in all types of survey data collection, including:

  • Telephone interviewing—ICF's computer-assisted methods provide enhanced quality control during interviews and rapid data compilation.
  • Face-to-face interviewing—ICF provides either "paper-and-pencil"or computer-assisted interviews, with the latter enabling us to monitor data collection activities and facilitate communication among field staff.
  • Computer-assisted self-interviewing—When appropriate, survey participants can enter data without interviewer assistance.
  • Cell phone research—ICF has developed techniques and approaches, including electronic incentives and text messaging, to make cell phone interviewing successful.
  • Data coordination—ICF helps clients select protocols, establish submission and processing procedures, maintain quality control, and produce standardized data sets for analysis.

Our depth of knowledge helps clients move confidently from data collection and analysis to decision-making and action. We cover all aspects of survey research, including:

  • Focus groups to define and refine topics of interest
  • Instrument design to ensure the highest accuracy of measurement, minimize bias, and maximize accuracy
  • Pretesting, cognitive interviewing, and structured pilot testing to improve measurement precision
  • Sample definition and sampling strategies
  • Interviewer recruitment, clearance, training, and supervision
  • Survey administration to maximize quality and efficiency in all modes
  • Response rate enhancements to ensure high quality and participation
  • Weighting and sample adjustments to improve inferences
  • Advanced statistical analyses to fully extract the meaning of the data
  • Report writing to document the study and highlight key findings
  • Automation for efficient multi-wave or multi-segment reports


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