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ICF Implementation Science

Implementation Science

ICF International offers organizational program support to transform evidence-based research into standardized practice for improved program performance.



Through our use of implementation science in our training and technical assistance services, ICF helps clients produce positive outcomes and demonstrate the value of their programs. To support effective implementation science, ICF offers numerous integrated services, including:

  • Cultivating leadership and stakeholder involvement
  • Assembling and motivating cross-functional project teams
  • Securing resources
  • Devising communication plans
  • Monitoring and evaluating program progress

Successful implementation of research can impact all parts of an enterprise, such as:

  • Organization—Horizontal and vertical alignment with change, such as making staffing or policy adjustments, is critical to success.
  • Cost—Determining the most strategic and cost-effective way to make a change demonstrates value.
  • Knowledge base—Lessons learned in implementation need to be consolidated and available in useful form to maximize impact.

ICF works with clients to build these capacities for effective implementation. We offer end-to-end services that ensure successful execution of a necessary change. These include mentoring, coaching of staff, and modifying policies and regulations—all with a focus on behavior reinforcement for long-term success.


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